Our Mission and Values

Our mission consists not just of fulfilling the expectations of our clients but of exceeding them.  Through rigorous execution of customer demands, we create efficient, desirable and resource-conserving products which satisfy our clients.  In this manner we also ensure sustainable revenue, growth and Jobs.

The establishment of our values serves to reach this goal


  • Integrity: honesty, fairness, respect and safety are of the highest importance.

  • Customer satisfaction: our future depends on successfully serving our customers.  We are proactive and uncomplicated.  We offer industry knowledge and practical solutions and we keep our promises. 

  • Commitment to employees: we promote a culture that supports excellent achievements, team work, integration, leadership and growth.  This is also reflected in our employee guidelines.

  • Innovation: we believe that there is always a better way.  We are open to change and look for opportunities to bring it forth, in addition to

  • Continuing improvement: we aim for raising our efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain

  • Sustainability: through our products, service delivery and commitment we promote the most efficient interaction with resources in order to constantly increase our competitive edge and resource effectiveness.

  • Shareholder value: to the satisfaction of our shareholders we will demonstrate the value of our business through rigorous implementation of our processes and application of our technologies and increase our market value.



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