The company WMU Bavaria GmbH

WMU Bavaria GmbH located in Niederaichbach (Bavaria) is part of the Korean firm SUNGWOO Hitech located in Busan, Korea. 

The letters in the title WMU are an acronym for Weser Metall Umformtechnik and hint at the origin of the company which was founded on 29.03.2012 as a sister business to Weser Metall Umformtechnik in Hann.  Münden.  The location of the company and decision for Niederaichbach, directly between Dingolfing and Landshut, reflect the nearness to and early focus on the automobile industry. 

WMU Bavaria GmbH sees itself as a strategic partner of the automobile industry covering the supply chain between processing of raw materials to production and service delivery to process solutions.  Security, conservation, resources and sustainability are kept in focus at each step of this chain. 

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